A Return to Conversation..

For the longest time, I’ve promised myself that when I finally got some free time, I would restart my blogging activity. I’ve always enjoyed writing — so much so, that I actually maintained two separate blogs (one tech, the other personal) for a while. But then came Twitter. And Facebook. And Google Reader. And a newborn. And a move. And before you knew it, my primary role became that of “listener” while my opinions seemed to consist primarily of responses that could best fit within a 140 character limit (even less if you consider the presence of an RT in there..)

But, thanks to some recent paper-writing opportunities, I rediscovered my voice. Yessir — I can actually use sentences that don’t consist of vowel-deprived shortcuts and emoticons in a bid to stay within the warning limits of my Tweetdeck editor.  And, I discovered WordPress had an Android client. And I have a data plan (well, for now). Whoo-hoo. Carpe Diem.

And so, a new journey begins. This time, there is no prior purpose assigned. This is not a purely tech blog. Nor a purely personal one. It is whatever it chooses to be as time goes by. But opinions will be given. Heads will be shaken in dismay. Hands will applaud with glee. And fun will be had at all costs.

For those serious-minded folks, this blog is meant solely to reflect my random thoughts, freely-shared opinions and mindless optimism. It does not reflect the opinions of my employer or any other third party.


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