Top 10 Signs you may be a @foursquare addict..

Apparently there are folks out there who are waay more addicted than I am — a must-watch talk from Dennis Crowley of Foursquare at Where2.0 on March 30 2010

With a tip of the hat to Dave Letterman — his humor got me through grad school. Long may he reign ..

When you hear the word Blender .. your first thought has nothing to do with smoothies.

You ask your spouse to stay parked for just a bit longer in random malls so you can find a data signal and check in.

He doesn’t argue. Heck, he doesn’t even flinch at the giddy exclamations of ‘I’m the Mayor!! I’m the Mayor!

He actually takes your phone and does checkins for you just so you’ll finish doing the real tasks you came to do at the store.

You realize that there was an Early Adopter badge at SXSW 2009 … and spend sleepless nights thinking of the ‘one that got away’

Your flight gets delayed .. and you rejoice inwardly at the thought that, given the large crowd gathered over time, you might JUST GET THAT SWARM BADGE. And then you realize other flyers have real lives and that you’re the dork. And then you spend a sleepless flight … see #6.

You convince your friends that you .. a lifelong vegetarian .. have absolutely rediscovered your love for that wonderful packed steakhouse atmosphere. (Moral: If at first you don’t succeed .. try try again. Now where’s dat dere swarm badge)

You realize “10” is a really small number… how do I ❤ thee? Let me count the ways.. yadda yadda yadda

You see a Burger King ad (it’s all about the crown people ..) .. and you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

You land in a new city and as soon as the plane touches down, you hit check in. Ten minutes later you realize you still need to call home and let them know you arrived safely. … and before you can say a word your spouse says ‘hey there were 2 others who checked in at the same time.. are they on your flight? ‘ And you realize what a great guy he is. 🙂

I would say more but I’m hopped on all the caffeine it took me to earn my Barista badge.

Next Post topic:
Founding Foursquares Anonymous. To paraphrase a famous line: you can check-in any time you like but you can never leave. And yes, there’s probably going to be a badge for that.

Typing this out on my Android WordPress client. Nice interface.


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