Book Review: HTML5 For Web Designers (A Book Apart)

HTML 5 For Web DesignersHTML 5 For Web Designers by Jeremy Keith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had pre-ordered this book and received it yesterday – it took me just over an hour (the duration of my commute into NYC) to zip through it. Based on this, my quick review.

The book is a slim 86 pages. Given the amount of detail in the HTML5 spec, this may seem lightweight. In fact the author does spend the first 2 (of only 6) chapters discussing the history and process behind the creation of this spec – which was unsettling. BUT…. once you get to Chap 3 (Rich Media) through 6 (Web Forms 2.0, Semantics and Using HTML 5 Today), you immediately derive a benefit from the brevity.

I view this book as an HTML5 buffet. You get a quick taste of all the different flavors and features that make the spec so compelling to web designers — but with sufficient tools and pointers for those who want a longer ‘dinner’ on the aspects of primary interest.

The key takeways for me:

  • HTML5 favors practice over theory and, as the author puts it, “paves the cowpaths” rather than trying to forge a new road that will require a new learning curve from web designers.
  • Transparency tops lock-in. This should make rich media content easier to search, index and manipulate by not only making semantics visible but making every interaction with that content observable to the application.
  • Adoption is quite risk-free. While browser support is not yet ubiquitous, the author explains a few ways in which designers can get to evolve their web applications while still playing nice with browsers that are yet to catch up.

Summary: Loved the buffet. Ready for a week’s worth of dinners

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